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Supported File Formats

Supported File Formats

As you can imagine, there are thousands of computer applications in use around the world. These applications each save their files in a certain way. This is called a file type or file format. For example, Microsoft Word can save your work as a ".doc", or even a ".txt" file. For printing and graphics, we recommend saving a .PDF or postscript file.

Bluetek Printing accepts files in the following formats (in order of preference):

  • .pdf
  • .ps
  • .eps
  • .ai
  • .indd
  • .psd
  • .qxp
  • .pub
  • .doc
  • ...and others - call to check

Some file formats cannot "color-separate." For instance, if your company has a two-color logo that prints in Pantone or PMS colors, a .TIF or .JPG file format may require significant time and expense to print properly. When preparing your artwork for Bluetek Printing, if you have questions about what programs or file formats to use, it's always best to involve us as early as possible to save you time.